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Practical Info

Folding Map

How to get there

Shibari Lounge is located at Sergeyselsstraat 42, 2140 Borgerhout, Antwerp. See map. You enter the Lounge through the red garage gate.
We highly recommend you use public transport to reach us.
By train: from Antwerp Central Station it’s a 10-15 minutes walk. By bus: bus 30 has a stop in Sergeyselsstraat, ‘Halte Langstraat’. The nearest tram stop is 'Drink', which is serviced by tram 24. For bus & tram times check

By car: Take Exit 3 Borgerhout, follow Plantin Moretuslei and turn right at Montensstraat. Shibari Lounge is situated on your left, just after the first crossing.
Antwerp has a “Low Emission Zone”. Older, more polluting cars are barred from the city center area. You will be fined if your car is not permitted inside the LEZ perimeter. Check for details. 
There is a parking strip at Noordersingel & Binnensingel (part outside and part inside the LEZ!) and in the area of Zomerfabriek, Minckelersstraat 2 2600 Berchem (inside the LEZ). Check parking rates on: From both parking spaces it’s a 10 minute walk to the venue. The cheapest paid underground parking at walking distance is under the Central Station: Entrance/exit by car: Van Immerseelstraat 2, entrance/exit on foot: by elevator under the Lindner Hotel. Consider getting the Pcard app, which gives substantial discounts on parking tariffs (€6/evening, €19,80/entire day). It is also possible to reserve a parking spot here in advance.

By Velo: the Antwerp Velo system consists of red-and-white bikes you can pick up and drop off at different bike stands in the city. A day pass costs €4. The stand closest to the venue is no. 107 – Moorkensplein, 5 minutes on foot. Check the Velo website for more info and rates:
By kick scooter: you can rent electric kick scooters for in-the-city transportation. Bird, Lime and Poppy are popular scooter companies. Download their apps in Google Play or App Store and locate a scooter near you. Enter your credit card and follow the instructions. When at Shibari Lounge you can just leave the scooter on the sidewalk. 
By bike: should you come on your own bike, you cannot park it in the alley during Shibari Night. There is space to park your bike on Koxplein, the small square near the venue. Don’t forget to lock it!


A dress code does not apply. The person getting tied will be most comfortable in easy fitting clothes such as sports gear. Jeans, bras with irons and fragile clothes are not recommended. Semi-nudity and nudity is allowed. Please bring a mat or blanket if you like to work on that.
You can use our dressing room with basic shower. You can also leave your personal belongings there. On the Shibari floor we will work barefoot or wearing socks, but if you’d like to go to the bathroom, dressingroom or get some fresh air, we recommend you bring slippers.

Anchor Threads

If you have ropes, carabiners and/or a ring, please bring them. If you do not have ropes, you can borrow or buy them with us. We offer several types of jute rope in various diameters.

All Gender Restroom Sign

Be our guest
We have coat hangers at your disposal close to the entrance. To change you can use our dressing room with basic shower. You can leave your personal belongings there. Our wardrobes are unguarded, so please take care to keep your precious belongings with you. There are two restrooms at the back of the kitchen area, both with hand wash facilities. In case you need to heat food or a drink, there is a microwave oven available in the kitchen.


We provide hand and floor disinfectant at the entrance and near the workspaces. The shibari floor is cleaned before and after the event.

In Shibari Lounge we sort our waste. Please follow the guidelines of our staff and as displayed on the dustbins.


Drinks and snacks
Drinks, fresh fruits and energy dense snacks are included in all workshops. For full day workshops with a lunch break you need to bring your own lunch. We provide a refrigerator to keep your food fresh. In case we offer to cater for lunch, we will ask for your preferences either before or at the start of the workshop (you can pay for this lunch during the event).

Pinup Girl


Smoking inside the venue is not permitted. You can smoke in the alley near the garage gate entrance. Throw your cigarette butts in the trash to keep the entrance clean. Please do not smoke in the area near the acoustic door, to keep cigarette smoke outside at all times.

Heart & Hands

Respect & Privacy
We stress the importance of guaranteeing the privacy of everybody present. Therefore it is not allowed to take pictures without our consent. If you want to take a picture, please ask our permission first and follow our guidelines.

Third Eye

Safety goes first at all times, so we will make sure that all suspension points have sufficient load bearing capacity. It is however every participant’s own responsibility to respect all safety aspects of Shibari. We clearly state that you participate in workshops or any Shibari Lounge event fully at your own risk. The organization cannot be held liable for damage or injuries to people or personal belongings.

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