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The Venue



Tucked away in a completely normal street in Antwerp, behind an anonymous garage door and at the end of a small cobblestoned alley, lies a hidden treasure for lovers of Japanese bondage: the Shibari Lounge. The venue offers an authentic industrial atmosphere, a minimum of 12 suspension points and 150 m2 of pleasantly heated work floor. It is situated at only a 15 minutes walk from Antwerp Central Station.


Originally a rehearsal studio for dance, theatre and bodywork, the venue was discovered by Marc BeShibari and Shibarista Jess in 2016. BeShibari and Shibarista started hosting private Shibari Sundays under the name ‘Shibari Lounge’. Gaining popularity quickly, Shibari Lounge is now the place for a wide offer of Shibari workshops and events in Antwerp and has gained fame far beyond the Belgian borders.

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