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Workshops & Private Classes

Shibari Lounge is the home base for BeShibari's group workshops and private classes. 

With nearly 20 years of bondage experience and having developed a unique style of rope bondage, BeShibari teaches Shibari enthusiasts of all levels.


The focus in his classes is on exploring your creativity and the interaction with your (play) partner, without feeling intimidated by lots of technique.

Workshops by BeShibari & Shibarista Jess:

To book a private class with BeShibari, please contact us for prices and availability.

International Classes

We regularly organise workshops and classes with international Shibari teachers / performers / presenters. Among those who have already shared their expertise with Shibari Lounge are Yoi Yoshida (JP), Akuaku(Jp), Sin (UK), Discover Kinbaku (D), Felix Ruckert (D), RopeMarks(NL) and Asimira (NL). 

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