BeShibari - The Art of Tying People

BeShibari is one of the leading artists in Belgium. He has laid the foundation for the Belgian scene and has been performing and promoting Shibari for about 20 years. Shibari or kinbaku to him is an intuitive, creative and sensual play to create a unique experience with every person he ties. Inspired by Japanese videos and SM magazines since the 70’s, he has developed a unique way of 'freestyle' shibari: energetic and dynamic with a flow reminiscent of a fusion jazz performance. In his ties BeShibari showcases the beauty of his models’ suffering and their endurance, often provoking profound physical and emotional responses in his rope partners. The closest way to describe his work would probably be “semenawa” (torture/endurance rope).


Together with his partner Shibarista Jess BeShibari has cooperated with national and international photographers. They created the bondage work for Belgian blockbuster film 'SM-Rechter' (S&M Judge) and tied for music videos and background VJ clips (Charlotte De Witte). The Royal Academy for Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium) invited them to perform for their students in several events. They appeared on international Shibari events in Paris, London, Athens and Tokyo. Since 2016 they manage Shibari Lounge in Antwerp, which provides a platform where rope lovers inspire and learn from each other. Shibari Lounge organises peer meetings, workshops and events with international guests. In 2020 they organised Onawa Asobi Europe, the first international Shibari Festival in Belgium.