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BeShibari - The Art of Tying People

BeShibari is one of the leading artists in the Belgian Shibari scene. Shibari or kinbaku to him is an intuitive, creative and sensual play to create a unique experience with every person he ties. Although inspired by Japanese videos and SM magazines since the 70’s, it was not until 2000 that he started his journey into the kinky side of his personality and quickly became a pioneer in Japanese rope bondage in Belgium.


BeShibari has developed a unique style of kinbaku in which he challenges his models to explore their physical and emotional limits. Having lived in Lanzarote to study alternative medicine and energetic healing and then traveling to India to spend time in spiritual communities (ashrams), he has acquired a deep spiritual knowledge he intuitively integrates in his rope work. Reminiscent of the style of the late Akechi Denki, his rope work is complicated and sadistic. He never repeats the same tie. His sessions often provoke profound physical and emotional responses in his rope partners.


Over the years BeShibari has cooperated with a variety of national and international artists, from photographers to film crews and theater makers. He created the bondage work for Belgian blockbuster film 'SM-Rechter' (S&M Judge) and tied for magazines and music videos. He is a regular at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium), to perform for their students in several events. He performed on international events and on the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage. Together with his partner (Shibarista) Jess, he puts into practice his extensive experience in event organisation in their Shibari Lounge venue in Antwerp. Shibari Lounge provides a platform where rope lovers can inspire and learn from each other and offers peer parties, workshops and events with international guests to a steadily growing audience of shibari enthusiasts.

Overview of BeShibari’s career:


2006 - 2009: organizes monthly peer meetings under the name RopeZensations in Fetish Café (B)

2009: performance on the First London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (UK)

2009: participation in Belgian blockbuster film ‘SM Rechter’ (S&M Judge). In 2010 performs at the World Premiere in the Kinepolis Movie Theatre, Antwerp

2009: hosts two-day workshop with kinbakushi Arisue Go (JP) in Brussels (B)

2010: gives first ever bondage workshop in Delhi, India

2010 performance on the 2nd London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage (UK)

2011 - 2016: shift of focus towards private sessions and photography

2016: rope work for music video of “Heartbreaker” by rock band Bacon Fat (B), later that year performs live at their album launch “Band of Brothers” in Hasselt (B)

2016: starts Shibari Lounge, first as “on invitation only” peer meetings in Studio Carwash, Antwerp (B)

2017: collaboration with VJ Nanon Malika (B) for performances of DJ Charlotte De Wit, voted Best Techno DJ in the World in 2020. The images feature at major music festivals and trendsetting clubs worldwide

2018: headline performer at the “Eat, Sleep, Draw, Repeat” 24-hour art marathon, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp

2018: Full time owner of Shibari Lounge, sets up collaborations with international Shibarists, starts up monthly rope parties under the name “Shibari Night” and a successful series of regular group workshops

2019: Invites shibarite Yoi Yoshida (JP) to Shibari Lounge for weekend workshop and stage performance at Shibari Night rope event

2019: BeShibari and Shibarista perform at Onawa Asobi Festival in Tokyo (JP), with Akane chan (JP). They become convinced they want to carry the spirit of friendship in the Onawa festival to Antwerp

2020: organizes Onawa Asobi Europe with Yoi Yoshida, showcasing amateurs and pros in Japanese rope bondage from Europe and Japan in an atmosphere of friendship and connection

2020: participates in Christmas Debate of worldwide online magazine Kinbaku Today, together with Sinbakushi (GB/D) and Ugo (JP)

2021: Bondage consultancy for Amazon production “Everybody Loves Diamonds”, Antwerp

2022: Bondage consultancy for “Madrigals”, opera/theater production by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe

2022: Headliner at “Fade Into You” Festival for De Studio, Antwerp

2023: Headliner at the “360” 24-hour art marathon for the 360 year anniversary of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp

2023: Hosts Nawashi Kazami Ranki (JP) in Shibari Lounge

2023: organizes the second European edition of Onawa Asobi, together with Yoi Yoshida (JP)

2023: Hosts Kasumi Hourai (JP) at Shibari Lounge for weekend workshop and stage performance

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