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This workshop is for absolute beginners. For those who want to get a taste of Japanese bondage and experience what Shibari aka Kinbaku is all about at Shibari Lounge in Antwerp.


In this 6hrs workshop BeShibari and Shibarista Jess will guide you in discovering the aesthetics and basic techniques of this intimate form of rope play. They both have a wealth of experience and will guide to tie safely with a focus on the experience you will have together with your (rope-) partner. After this lesson you will be able to tie some basic patterns, with attention on ineraction, technique and aesthetics.


You will learn:


  • a bit about the origins of Shibari/Kinbaku

  • safety aspects when tying

  • characteristics of different types of rope

  • to negotiate prior to starting your play

  • how to do a basic (wrist) tie (‘single column tie’)

  • wrapping & Interaction with one rope - Ichinawa

  • the use of tension, reverse-tension

  • to communicate and interact with your partner while tying

  • some patterns with one rope (shinju, matanawa, join two ropes

  • how to join two ropes

  • hojo cuff - a second single column tie

  • frictions
  • some basic shibari patterns (futomomo, agura, hishi)

  • to tie two limbs together ('two column tie')

  • Excercises to practice with intention and interaction

Registration is only per couple.

If you are single and want to attend the workshop:

- try to find a partner yourself at our shibari night, other rope events or put an ad on social media.

- mail us your info,  if you are lucky we can pair you with another candidate.

Price of the workshop is 180€ per couple. (drinks and snacks included)

Introduction to Shibari

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