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Onawa Asobi Europe 3

will be organised in Shibari Lounge Antwerp

on 28 & 29 September 2024

Onawa Asobi is a 2-day kinbakushi event which is organized yearly in Tokyo since 2009 and has had most of Japan’s talented riggers amongst its participants: Naka Akira, Hajime Kinoko, Ranki Kazami, Ren Yagami, Kasumi Hourai, Bingo Shigonawa, Ero Ouji and many others…


Yoi Yoshida (JP), the initiator and organizer of this annual festival, has teamed up with BeShibari (B) to organize the European Edition of Onawa Asobi in the Shibari Lounge venue. For performers and audience alike, it is a unique chance to be part of a weekend of cultural & rope exchange between Japan and Europe. It will be a weekend packed with performances followed by Shibari Nights' rope and play party.

The Onawa Spirit

The spirit of the festival is to get amateur Kinbaku lovers together in an atmosphere of friendship, respect, creativity, and support. Onawa Asobi Europe has gathered Shibarists who have travelled from Japan and all over Europe to show us their creativity and originality and share their unique styles of rope play. 

Ranging from enthusiastic starters to renowned and respectable veterans, Onawa Asobi Europe is about Shibarists who have a sincere interaction with their partners. You will see honest performances by people who can take the audience on a journey and make us truly feel the fun and excitement we all have when doing Kinbaku.

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