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A Weekend with Aku Aku

Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 May

Saturday 11:00 -17:30 - Workshop - Ichinawa kai style harness & suspensions

Saturday 20:00 - Shibari Night Special with performance by Aku Aku (Tokyo) & Babycash (Berlin)

Sunday 11:00 -17:30 - Workshop - Rope Kamasutra

Aku Aku is an experienced teacher and an established performer, having taught or performed in Tokyo (Studio Kicolit, Ubu & Onawa Asobi), Paris, Athens, Hong Kong, Berlin (Eurix) and Portland (Kinkfest). His performances are either sensual or have a strong focus on visual and story.


Aku Aku has been living in Japan since 2004. Throughout this time, he has had the chance to explore many aspects of Japanese lifestyle, tradition and culture. In 2006, he ventured into the underground world and encountered Japanese bondage, aka shibari or kinbaku.

He began studying under Japanese rope artist Hajime Kinoko and with his Ichinawa rope group. In 2012, he graduated to become a rope instructor. He has been practicing, teaching, performing and helping Hajime Kinoko in various projects ever since.


His interest in rope originates from its potential in the bedroom. Here he developed his personal sensual style with his strong focus on connective rope. Encouraged by his friends, Aku Aku wrote a book about his journey into erotic rope bondage, The Japanese Rope Kamasutra (2020).



Saturday May 21 Workshop - Ichinawa kai style harness & suspensions

Intermediate level

Ichinawa Kai (“First Rope Group”), created by Hajime Kinoko, is a circle of Japanese Shibarite who study and teach Shibari/Kinbaku. Aku Aku has been an instructor of Ichinawa Kai since 2012.


This workshop will be in two parts. Part one: the in-depth evolution of the Ichinawa Kai chest harness. This harness has many details and its use is very versatile. Learning the Ichinawa Kai chest harness provides you with a platform to understand a wide range of chest harnesses currently in use. It will allow you to create and adapt your own chest harness, depending on your needs.


Part two: Ichinawa Kai suspensions. The Ichinawa Kai suspension curriculum is massive, to say the least. Depending on the given timeframe and on the level of the participants, Aku Aku will cover as many types of suspension as possible. These may include: emuji (M-shape), tatezuri (standing suspension), hikkyaku (the running man), gyakuebi (reverse shrimp), yokozuri (sideways suspension) and transition from hikkyaky to gyakuebi.

Aku Aku’s suspensions are based on the use of a ring or a carabiner, but if need be, they can be adapted for bamboo.



All participants need to master at least one type of chest harness

You need to be able to construct a suspension in less than 20 minutes (building the chest harness included)


Date: Saturday May 21

Part 1: 11:00-14:00

Part 2: 14:30-17:30

Language: English, French and Dutch


Price per couple: €180,-


Sunday May 22 - The Rope Kamasutra

Connection with rope: from sensuality to sex

Intermediate level


In this workshop we will tie intimately, therefore Aku Aku will start with some essential discussions about consent. Then he will first work on how to tie fast with specific drills and exercises. Second he will coach participants into making the connection and creating stimulation using rope as the medium, giving valuable tips on how to create a session and listen to your partner.

You will learn to work with various types of rope play, from one rope to full suspension, from simple sensuality to sexual content and rope for sex.

Rope Kamasutra.png

For those who are not yet fluent in suspension we will split the class into two groups and adapt the content to your level. Aku Aku will take many examples from his book The Japanese Rope Kamasutra, explaining and showing how to execute these positions with a good flow.


A partner who is ready to explore the intimate side of rope with you and who is okay with doing so in a group setting. You will not perform explicit sexual acts during the workshop, but you should be comfortable with touching or being touched sensually with others present.

Date: Sunday May 22

Part 1: 11:00-14:00

Part 2: 14:30-17:30

Language: English, French and Dutch


Price per couple: €180,-



I don’t have a partner. Can I participate anyway?
Both workshops are designed for couples. If you do not have a fixed partner yet, put an ad in the usual suspects’ platforms and you'll probably be able to team up with another enthusiast.


Is switching allowed?
Switching is not strictly prohibited, however we do not recommend it. Both workshops are designed so that there will be no time to do the exercises twice in the given time frame. 


I am not as flexible as the models on the internet. Can I attend these workshops?
Yes. As long as you are physically able to be in partial or full suspension, you will do fine. For "The Rope Kamasutra" it is important that both partners are comfortable with sensual and intimate interactions during the workshop. You need to have that level of confidence and comfort with each other to get the most out of this experience.


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