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Tati Limati - The 4 Elements Workshop

The 4 elements - Tati's technique of sensual rope bondage

Level: beginners, intermediate, advanced with interest in ippon nawa & connection

If you're looking to diversify your shibari sessions, give them deeper meaning and allow yourself to play out your fantasies with rope, you are most welcome to join in! This workshop is useful to everyone interested in expanding their skills in ippon nawa, whether you are an enthusiastic beginner, or a veteran looking for new angles on your rope work.

Tati will introduce the 4 natural elements to your rope play: Water, Air, Earth, Fire and... a 5th, secret element that will be revealed during the workshop


Technically the workshop will explore different movements, senses, associations and ties with one rope, ippon nawa, or two ropes.You will learn how to connect emotionally, learning more about yourselves and your motivations in tying. You will learn to give your movements aesthetics, and your partner(s) your love in applying surprising, unsuspected tactics when tying them.


Saturday April 13 - Shibari Lounge

Start at 11:00 - end: 17:30-18:00

Durations 5-6 hours, with a lunch break.

Contribution: 220€ drinks and snacks included.


Bring 4 ropes of 7-8 meters long.

Wear comfortable clothing.

If you like to take notes during class, please bring pen and paper.


You should know these shibari basics:

Single column tie

Wrapping, tension and reverse tension

Have an understanding of basic frictions:

half hitch, nodome, yuki fix

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