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You may expect our input on:

  • Perfecting your basic techniques

  • Creating interesting/challenging body positions

  • Tying aesthetically pleasing patterns

  • Making a play session interactive

  • Rope handling

  • Freestyle rope play

To awaken your creativity with the ropes, we will show you lots of examples. You will have time to practice intensively, while we provide you with tips and tricks on how to combine the basics. And in the meantime, you will be perfecting your skills, of course!

For who:

This workshop is for (play) couples who did the Introduction to Shibari course at Shibari Lounge (or followed a similar class elsewhere). You should be familiar with:

  • Single & double column tie

  • Tension and reverse tension

  • Basic frictions: half hitch, nodome, yuki fix

  • Extending a rope


You may need up to 6 ropes for this workshop. Bring the ropes you have. You can borrow or buy extra ropes with us in case you do not have enough.

Price: €120 per couple

140123Inaya01 copy.jpg

Workshop: Combining the Elements

You have started your Shibari journey, but you are not quite sure of how to put the basic techniques into practice? You want to perfect your basic skills? Are you sometimes lost in rope technique and forgetting how to play? This is the opportunity to unleash your creative potential!

In this workshop we will work with the elements you learned in Introduction to Shibari and show you how to mix them to construct pretty, meaningful ties and enjoy an interactive rope play with your partner.

Upcoming Workshops
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