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The Style of the Same Journey - Laodai (It/thai)


Initially starting to learn shibari for artistic purposes, Laodai discovered a path much more profound and meaningful. Over the years, he developed an emotional style of tying, focusing on forging deep connections with his tying partners. In his rope work, the model is the central element. Untying serves as a climax, in which each detail holds meaning.

In contrast to this side of his persona, he is deeply obsessed with technique and aesthetics. His shibari is clean and minimalistic. Every element in his ties serves a distinct purpose. Having learned from Kinoko Hajime, Yagami Ren, Jyubei Kamui, he draws from the lineage of Akechi Denki and Miura Takumi. He is also inspired by esteemed contemporary shibarite from Japan and around the world.


Very early in his rope journey, Laodai met Ayame, a former model of Yukimura Haruki. Working with her led him to believe he was very privileged to learn from the best possible of Yukimura teachers: his models. Although he integrates elements of Yukimura’s unique style, he does not claim to teach Yukimura ryu. He follows his own independent path.

Laodai embraces the concept of “one heart = one style”, in which similar hearts may lead to similar styles, but eventually each heart should find its own style.

Originally from Italy, Laodai (or Davide) has long been active as an instructor and performer in China and recently moved to Thailand.

In Antwerp he will be accompanied by his friend and model Kuku. Kuku is a Chinese rope bottom and shibari performer. She started her rope journey in Shanghai in 2019. Now she is living in Italy and active in Italian and European rope scenes. In addition to discovering and enjoying shibari for personal pleasure, she also devotes herself to sharing experiences and spreading the beauty of shibari from the bottom perspective. She participated in performances, shoots, lessons, and workshops with various riggers in China, Italy and other European countries.

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Workshop "Onaji Michinori"

In Laodai's rope work and in his teachings, the model is the central element. Everything we do should be aimed at forging an emotional connection with the one we tie, supported by a good understanding and mastering of basic shibari skills and techniques.


Shibari Night Special - Perf & Rope Party

The evening starts with a performance by Laodai and Kuku. After the show the floor is yours to enjoy our Saturday evening rope party!

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Personal Sessions with Laodai

Take your chance to experience Laodai's unique personal style of tying in a 1-hour personal session.


Saturday June 22

11:00  Workshop: Onaji Michinori (The Style of the Same Journey)

20:00 Shibari Night Special: Perf and Rope Party

Sunday June 23

13:00 Personal Sessions

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