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Tati Limati is a Ukrainian shibari artist and instructor.

She is known for her connective rope work and for her original and creative shibari performances. She studied shibari in Europe and Japan. Among others, her teachers were Naka Akira, Ren Yagami, Kinoko Hajime, Nicolas Yoroi. She also studied the Yukimura style. She has a background in aikido, tango, contact improvisation, femdom, tantra and other practices. She is currently studying to obtain a third higher education degree in psychology.

Over the course of 12 years, Tati Limati has not just been training her rope skills, but researched many techniques and practices to integrate in her shibari practice. She combines elements of martial arts, contact improvisation, tantra, qi gong and Thai massage with the purpose of adding depth and sincerity to her own shibari work.


In her teachings, she intends to help participants explore their underlying motivations and add deeper layers to their shibari play. With her techniques she aims to develop an understanding and the use of improvisation, making her students actively establish their own identities in rope play, instead of copying others without questioning.

Tati is the organizer of international events in Ukraine and Poland and a regular contributor to Shibari Theatre in Asia and around the world. Tati is also a traveler and currently lives in Thailand.

On Saturday April 13 Tati Limati will give a full day workshop. She will kick off the Shibari Night Special rope party with a live performance!

Tati Limati (Ukr)

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