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Personal Tying Sessions with Laodai (It-Thailand)
Personal Tying Sessions with Laodai (It-Thailand)

Personal Tying Sessions with Laodai (It-Thailand)

Laodai will dedicate his tying skills to give you a unique personal session!

Time & Location

23 Jun 2024, 13:00

Shibari Lounge, Sergeyselsstraat 42, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium

About The Event

Registration* for Laodai's Personal Tying sessions.

Laodai will give you a taste of what his unique personal style of shibari is about.

Shibari Lounge will be the stage for a limited number of personal**  1 hour tying sessions.

You can expect your personal session with Laodai to look like this:

- Introductory talk and negotiation: getting to know you

- Shibari session +/- 1hr.

- Aftercare and evaluation talk

- You will also receive some pictures of your session to cherish this unique experience.

Shibari Lounge will provide a relaxed atmosphere, with the right music, a dedicated space for your session, and a dressing room for you to change. Your partner is welcome to watch you enjoy Laodai’s ropes.

Price for a tying session: €200 (includes: you + a watching partner + hot/cold non-alcoholic drinks and snacks + a selection of pictures). 

Photos will only be taken with your permission and will not be published or used for commercial or promotional reasons without your prior consent.

*Please fill out the questions on the registration page. Later we may ask you some additional questions, if Laodai needs a bit more info on you. 

After registering we will send you a confirmation message with a time slot for your session and information on how to complete your booking and payment.

**Personal does not mean you are alone in the venue with Laodai. Others may be present for functional, safety or artistic reasons, such as members of the Shibari Lounge team, a dedicated photographer and artists for live drawing.

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