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Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 May

from 11:00 - 17:30

Kasumi is back in Shibari Lounge! She will immerse you in her fusion of Japanese culture and and rope bondage, and share her views on contemporary versus traditional Kinbaku.

The themes of the workshop are Kasumi’s thoughts on Semenawa, how Kasumi developed her own style based on the teachings of Naka Akira and the risks of nerve damage, its cause and prevention measures.


Variations on Kasumi's TK

In the classic Kinbaku concept, TK (gote) can be a standalone technique of seme (predicament, torture). Kasumi will show variations on the TK chest harness she uses, that also suitable for models who are uncomfortable or easily experience numbness in the arms in this tie.

The "third rope" for semenawa

Kasumi will discuss the use of a third, decorative, rope on the sides of the neck. She will its dangers and show variations of this Semenawa in floorwork (tokonawa), semi- and full suspension that are not dangerous. You will get time to tie the variation that fits your partner best and create your own original tie.


Arm binder suspension

This challenging tie is often referred to as "strappado".

Kasumi explains why this type of tie and suspending from it is more susceptible to numbness than a normal TK harness.

230923 Kasumi & Oto - Noh-28.jpg

Semenawa: less is more

How to approach semenawa with fewer ropes and one's hands.

In Japan, there’s an aesthetic concept called “Hikizan no bi (the beauty of subtraction)”, freely translated as "less is more". Kasumi will talk about how to make the model feel secure and to tap into the model’s potential by refraining from forceful tying, using a lot of rope. Kasumi will discuss and demonstrate the psychology of torturing with ropes for pleasure as opposed to suffering.

Complex efficient suspension

Kasumi's complex but very efficient suspension transitions will take quite some time to tie, but make your model feel secure in the air for a long time.

The importance of the moment

Tying without focusing on the form or outward appearance.

This subject is about how well you know your model and the use of emotional distance between you. Kasumi will first tie her model intuitively. Then she will discuss the experience with her model before it's up to you to tie your model while being "in the moment".


Shibarite (Rigger):

Intermediate to advanced skills

You know how to tie a basic but solid TK harness

You know how to tie solid and safe suspension lines

Ideally you have experience with some transitions in suspension

Ukete (Model):

You know the limits of your body and your emotional no-go's

You know the differences between 'good' pain and 'bad' pain You are able to communicate needs or discomfort properly

What to Bring

Please bring 12-15 ropes of 7 to 8 meters long and some short ropes of 2-3 meters.

Weekend workshop with Kasumi Hourai

The Workshop

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