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Program & Tickets

Monday Sessions with Kasumi Hourai

Monday May 20, you will get the opportunity to spend some personal* time with Kasumi Hourai. In 1- or 2-hour slots, she will dedicate her extensive knowledge to give you a memorable experience. Those curious to experience Kasumi’s ropes can opt for a 1-hour personal tying session. If you’d like to learn from Kasumi but didn’t make it to the weekend workshop, you are welcome to book a 2-hour private workshop.


We have a dedicated team to assist Kasumi during the event. Interpreter Yuko will be present to translate during your time with Kasumi. TatiAna will assist Kasumi as her model for your workshop. Shibari Lounge will provide a relaxed atmosphere, soft music, drinks and snacks, and a dressing room for you to change.


*Personal does not mean private. Others may be present, such as spectators, artists for live drawing, people quietly tying in the background and members of the Shibari Lounge Team.

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Personal Session

Were you always curious what it would be like to be tied up by one of the best female shibarite in the world, but you just never dared to ask? Now it’s your chance! In a personal session, Kasumi Hourai will immerse you in her unique style of tying...

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Private Workshop

Are you looking for Kasumi's in-depth knowledge, but are group classes really not your thing? Would you still love to learn from the leading lady in the Japanese shibari scene? In a 2-hour workshop, Kasumi Hourai offers you her insights 101...

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Spectator Ticket

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For Kasumi’s tying sessions, we welcome a limited number of spectators. It is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the mindset of a Japanese shibarite as she works...

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