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Riyuu Masterclass with Sin
Riyuu Masterclass with Sin

Riyuu Masterclass with Sin

Beyond technical tying - a psychological and emotional approach to Shibari

Time & Location

09 Jul 2022, 14:00 – 18:00 CEST

Shibari Lounge, Sergeyselsstraat 42, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium

About The Event

The Riyuu Masterclass by Sin

A psychological and emotional approach to Shibari

Language: English, Dutch

Level: intermediate to expert

This Masterclass is for anyone with a sincere interest in reaching a deeper psychological and emotional layer in his/her Shibari practice. The Riyuu Masterclass delves beyond technical rope tying into Kojinshinrigaku - the psychology of the individual, applied with Shibari. This dimension is easily overlooked, yet it is here that surprising and beautiful treasures are found. 

Sin will participate in a live session to demonstrate his Kannōnawa (sado-erotic) style of tying, integrating rope, SM, psychology and dominant control. He will discuss in-depth what he does and why to give you new insights to take your sessions beyond mere technique by learning to better read and react to the person you tie. You will get the chance to put your new understanding into a your own live session and to discuss what you experienced after that. 

Sin is a highly skilled Bakushi with a unique view on Shibari built on his time spent tying in Japan. He brings a wealth of experience based upon the Kannōnawa (sado erotic) style of tying: communicating, reading and following libido, and how to take it to euphoric conclusions. Tying along with his friend, Ero Ouji in Japan, and having had personal instruction from Yukimura Haruki and others, Sin picked up and went on to evolve many elements uncommon to the Western rope scene, including the delicacies of touch, methods dervived from Anma body manipluation and Anpuku, Hibiki-matanawa vibrating crotch rope, and dominant breath control without blocking the airway. His style is subtle, invitational and psychological, from soft and cuddly dominance to hardcore sado–erotic. Rope is his prime tool, but his skills are not limited to rope alone. Sin follows his own path. The only opinions that matter to him are from the ladies he enjoys playing with. 

He is the author of Year of The Bakushi and The Psychology of BDSM & Rope Bondage, and has conducted many interviews in Japan for Kinbaku Today magazine.

This Masterclass does not follow the typical workshop approach. No specific ties will be taught. 

After an introduction, Sin will communicate for the first time with a partner he does not know in front of the group: understanding her reasons to be tied; building trust, and then they will have a live session based on the information discovered.

Following a break, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of both Sin and the partner, so that what has happened in the session can be elaborated on in more detail.

Then it’s time for the participants to take their enhanced understanding and have their own sessions based on what they have absorbed. 

After the sessions we will close with a group discussion and some quality time with Sin at the bar. We'll see what the evening brings!


Ability to tie a decent gote is required

Rope partners should feel comfortable exploring the intimate, psychological and emotional side of rope. You will not perform explicit sexual acts during the Masterclass, but you should be comfortable with touching or being touched sensually by your partner with others present.


Max. 3 x 8m lines of rope

An open mind

Normal loose comfortable clothing

Nudity permitted


€130 per couple, drinks and snacks included


* Sin will also give a performance on Saturday evening at the beginning of the Shibari Night Special. 

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