Introduction to Naka Style

by Discover Kinbaku

This is the workshop for enthusiastic beginners who want to explore Naka Style Kinbaku.

The philosophy and techniques are based on the art of Akira Naka and the system of Riccardo Wildties, our teacher. We address both partners who take an active, albeit different, role. 


We will deepen your already known basic skills and introduce our elements system, which includes the basic principles, patterns and figures to tie safely and effectively in our style.

But we don’t focus on the forms alone. We will question your intention and give impulses on how this intention can be translated into specific ties in order to create a maximum effect for the person in the ropes. We will emphasize on movement, control, (non-verbal) communication, emotional and physical limits, as well as intention based consent. The goal is for you to be able to create beautiful shared moments in ropes.

This is a practical workshop: you will tie and get tied a lot.


For whom?

This workshop is for couples (of all ages and gender constellations) who already master some of the basic skills in Japanese-inspired bondage, who want to learn simple principles to engage effectively, aesthetically and playfully to find intimacy in rope play together. You can apply the learned patterns directly for your play in private or on a rope event.

As a rigger you learn to:

  • further practise the basic principles of Kinbaku

  • safely master your first semi- and full suspensions in our style

  • understand important non-technical aspects, such as communication through rope and tools to create a shared experience of intimacy

  • gain a good foundation for further workshops

  • shape bodies by the rope to evoke emotions

As a rope bottom you learn to:

  • bring attention to your body, to your feelings and sensations

  • gain safety in (semi) suspensions by learning to give in to the force of gravity

  • get familiar with rope impact and learn to enjoy it

  • develop a feeling of your emotional and physical limits and positively communicate them

  • unlearn some common myths about being a rope bottom

  • understand your responsibility in ropes

When & where:


Saturday & Sunday September 18 & 19, 10 am – 5 pm, 6 hrs hands-on training, with breaks

Group of max 12  couples

Bring along: comfortable, flexible clothing and 8 - 12 jute ropes, 5-6 mm, 7 - 8 m long

Tea, coffee, cold drinks and energy dense snacks are provided – please bring your own lunch

Location: Shibari Lounge | Antwerp


Contribution: 350 € per couple, to be paid in advance



General remarks on safety * Consent and communication between the partners * Different qualities of contact * Bondage without rope: taking control * Exercises to connect with your partner * Developing Patterns from the basic Principles (Wrapping, Friction, Single- and Double Column Tie) * Kinbaku LuXuria Gote * Basics of floor work * Adding gravity: moving towards (semi) suspension * Effective methods for moving and controlling the partner * Forming the body: expansion, compression and torsion * Influencing feelings and moods through position * Introduction to the game of shame or pain * Historical aspects * Materials