Every month BeShibari welcomes invitees to a private Sunday afternoon of creative exploration in the art of Shibari: the Sunday Shibari Lounge. Enjoy quality Shibari time with your loved one(s) or your play partner(s) in an intimate atmosphere. Develop your technique, deepen your interaction and explore your artistic expression. The focus is on rope play, but we welcome a pleasant degree of kink and sensuality. 

The Sunday Lounge offers a suspension point for every participating Shibarite (rope top), so spaces are limited. Add to that carefully selected music, a self service bar with alcohol free drinks & energizing snacks and a camera at your disposal, so you can take home the memory of a pleasant Shibari Sunday. 


The Sunday Lounge is also open to a limited number of artists for "live drawing". If you’d like to join the Lounge to draw, please say so in you application.


The Sunday Lounge is an ‘invitation only’ event. It is not possible to make a reservation here.

For more information, contact us through the contact form on this website.

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