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Experience Laodai's "path of the same journey" ropework

Laodai's work is all about forging deep emotional connections. His style of tying is dynamic, sometimes tough, but always with great focus on the feelings and experiences of his tying partners.

In a 1-hour personal session, he will take you on his "path of the same journey" and make you feel what his unique personal approach is about. You can expect your personal session with Laodai to look like this:


  • Introductory talk and negotiation: getting to know you, 5-10 minutes

  • Shibari session, 40 (-ish) minutes

  • Aftercare and evaluation talk, 5-10 minutes


Shibari Lounge will provide a relaxed atmosphere, with the right music, a dedicated space for your session, and a dressing room for you to change. Your partner is welcome to watch you enjoy Laodai's ropes. After your session, you can have a drink and a snack from our bar.

*Personal does not mean private. Others may be present, such as Shibari Lounge team members and artists for live drawing.

Interested? Please fill out the form on the registration page!



Sunday June 23 - Shibari Lounge, from 13:00

Price for a tying session: €200 (This includes: you + a watching partner + hot/cold drinks and snacks + a selection of pictures)


You are not allowed to photograph or film the session yourself. Shibari Lounge will have a photographer present. You will receive a selection of pictures as a souvenir.

Laodai will personally select the candidates. We will let you know his decision at latest June 9, together with the information on how to complete your booking and payment.

Sunday Sessions with Laodai

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