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Shibari Night Special with Ren Yagami

Studio TIEY and Shibari Lounge are incredibly proud to present you an amazing set of evening events as part of the Yagami Convention 2023 from 1-5 Nov 2023.

Saturday 4 November - Shibari Night Special with Rope Bang! by Ren Yagami

Ren Yagami has a real treat in store for the Shibari Night Special.

Instead of giving a regular performance, he brings a Rope Bang! which means he will be tying models all night! This is a great occasion to see the master at work in each time a different situation with a different person.


Did you ever dream to experience shibari by the hands of a Japanese Master? Take your chance to be tied by Ren Yagami during the Rope Bang! When you buy your ticket for this Shibari Night Special, you will receive an email with a link to an application form. Please fill out this form if you'd love to be tied by Yagami san. Studio TIEY will get in touch with you a few weeks before the event regarding your application.

In the meantime, be inspired and pick up the ropes yourselves to jam the night away with 6 instead of the usual 5 hours of rope play. Take up the ropes, be tied or enjoy a drink with friends. We provide a lively atmosphere with at least 14 spacious suspension points and lots of room for floor work.

We also welcome artists for live drawing, so feel free to bring your paper and crayons!


For all info on the Yagami Convention day program visit Studio TIEY.

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