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A Weekend with RopeMarks

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 September

Saturday 11:30 -17:00 - Workshop - Armbinders

Saturday 20:00 - Shibari Night Special with performance by RopeMarks & Spring

Sunday 11:30 - 16:00 - Workshop - Dirty Ties

On RopeMarks & Spring:


Bob RopeMarks is a kinbaku professional from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Since decades he is one of Europe’s leading shibarite and an inspiration to us. His excellent technique and clean dynamic tying result in attractive erotic imagery that makes his models shine. He started studying and specializing himself professionally in 1999. Over his career he studied in Japan under the lineage of the late Akechi Denki (明智伝鬼) and Naka Akira (奈加あきら).

He is famous for his dynamic performances in which he combines traditional kinbaku with his own unique and sexy style. His tying is wonderful to watch, a display of great technique at amazing speed, spiked with a bit of sadism and often a touch of humor too.

Bob has performed on stages all over the world and has contributed to numerous TV programs.

As a teacher he boasts extensive knowledge and creativity. His workshops are hands-on, full of tips and tricks and lots of fun.

Spring has been part of the Dutch rope and fetish scene since 2011. She has worked with Bob in numerous workshops, performances and photoshoots. During workshops she loves to share tips and experiences from the model’s perspective. Spring likes bondage to be challenging. She not only loves the feel of ropes but also the interaction between shibarite and model. The magic for her is in the surrender she experiences when in rope combined with complete relaxation and an enormous clarity of mind and spirit. In one word: freedom.



Official website:



dirty tie 2_edited.jpg

Saturday 24 September Workshop - Explore Armbinders with RopeMarks (NL)

beginner++ & intermediate

This workshop will be presented in Dutch & English

No TK today! Find out which other armbinders suit your model!

Bob RopeMarks and his model Spring will cover the topic of armbinders, elbow ties and strappados. In other words: how to tie the arms behind the back in different ways to expose the front of the torso. He will teach us several variations and how to use these ties in full body bondages such as agura and ebi. Every body is different so you will learn which types of armbinders are suitable for your model. With partcipants who are fluent in suspensions we will go up into the air for suspensions with transitions. Others can use the the practiced ties in floorwork or semi suspension.
It will be an intense workshop with technical, physical and mental challenges for both shibarite and ukete. The workshop aims at people with a solid knowledge of the basics of shibari, but experienced shibarite will also find enough inspiration to expand their array of technique.


You can bring at least 8 ropes
You are comfortable with tying a single column tie, double column tie, gote/takate kote, the use of frictions.
You know how to tie an upline (anchor) to pull towards a bamboo or ring.
Experience with (semi-)suspension is not necessary: the content of this workshop is very suitable for use in floorwork

Date: Saturday 24 September

Part 1: 11:30-14:00

Part 2: 14:30-17:00

Language: English and Dutch


Price per couple: €150,-



Sunday 25 September - Dirty Ties with RopeMarks (NL)

This workshop will be presented in Dutch & English
Level: beginner++ & intermediate


Sometimes we tie to create a beautiful image, sometimes we just tie for our kinky pleasures and sex! If this goes for you too, this workshop puts you in the perfect place! Coached by Bob RopeMarks with his extensive knowledge of sexual tying and his model Spring we will explore several ties to make our play sexier and more tantalizing. We all know a hogtie, but how can we make more use of kinbaku to create a sexy scene? There are lots of possibilities to explore on the floor as well as with the use of suspension points.
In this workshop we will focus on creative ties in which the shibarite learns to distribute his/her attention between the technique of tying and exciting, sexy moments with your partner. You will learn to shape your sensual, sexual and kinky desires with rope. Together you will find the right balance and alternation between sweetness and sex pain. You can add sadistic elements if you want to, but that’s not an obligation. We will definitely go for the sadistic touch, though!


You can bring at least 8 ropes
You are comfortable with tying a single column tie, double column tie, gote/takate kote, the use of frictions. You know how to tie an upline (anchor) to pull towards a bamboo or ring. Experience with (semi-)suspension is not necessary: the content of this workshop is also very suitable for use in floorwork.

Date: Sunday 25 September

Part 1: 11:30-13:30

Part 2: 14:00-16:00

Language: English, French and Dutch


Price per couple: €120,-


dirty ties.jpg

I don’t have a partner. Can I participate anyway?
Both workshops are designed for couples. If you do not have a fixed partner yet, put an ad in the usual suspects’ platforms and you'll probably be able to team up with another enthusiast.


Is switching allowed?
Switching is not strictly prohibited, however we do not recommend it. Both workshops are designed so that there will be no time to do the exercises twice in the given time frame. 


I am not as flexible as the models on the internet. Can I attend these workshops?
Yes. As long as you are physically able to be in partial or full suspension, you will do fine. For "Dirty Ties" it is important that both partners are comfortable with sensual and intimate interactions during the workshop. You need to have that level of confidence and comfort with each other to get the most out of this experience.

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