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Ren Yagami Evening Program

Studio TIEY and Shibari Lounge are incredibly proud to present you a unique collaboration and an amazing set of evening events as part of the Yagami Convention 2023 from 1-5 Nov 2023.

Wed Nov 1 - Lecture & Perf Night by Ren Yagami, Etheros. MC: Nuit de Tokyo

Fri Nov 3 - "Sekibaku Immersion" Perf Night with Ren Yagami, Ludvig & Sr_Interior

Sat Nov 4 - Shibari Night Special Rope Party with 'Rope Bang!' by Ren Yagami

On Ren Yagami and the Yagami Convention


Ren Yagami is one of the top Japanese kinbakushi of this moment.

His charming personality and his fluent, dynamic style of rope bondage have gained him worldwide popularity and admiration by shibarite and models alike. He will be the main speaker at the first global Yagami Convention from Nov 1-5 at Studio TIEY. Together with Yagami-ryu teachers Sr_Interior, Ludvig and Etheros he will teach you all ins and outs of Yagami-style!


For all info on the Yagami Convention & workshops visit Studio TIEY.

For all info on the evening events contact Shibari Lounge.


Shibari Night Special

with Rope Bang! by Ren Yagami

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Yagami Events
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