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Performance Night Yagami Style

Studio TIEY and Shibari Lounge are incredibly proud to present you a unique collaboration and an amazing set of evening events as part of the Yagami Convention 2023 from 1-5 Nov.

Wednesday 1 november - Performance Night

Ren Yagami and Etheros will introduce you to Yagami-style.

Nuit de Tokyo will use his vast knowledge on Japanese culture and kinbaku to MC this evening in his own unparalleled style. Together with Ren Yagami he will give us deeper insights and backgrounds on shibari and its place in Japanese culture. Shibari Lounge then becomes the stage for two performances by Etheros and Ren Yagami.

Each in their unique way will make the concepts of Yagami-ryu visible to us and demonstrate the amalgam of techniques, body handling and interaction between rope partners that make up Yagami style.

For all info on the Yagami Convention day program visit Studio TIEY.

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About the performers


Owner of Studio TIEY in Antwerp-Belgium and recognized as an official Yagami style instructor since 2020.

He started practicing shibari several years before embarking on an intensive study with Georg Barkas in 2013 and Docvale in 2017. He became an official student of Sensei Yagami Ren in 2019. Etheros is a passionate systemic shibari teacher. His way of tying is strongly influenced by budo, yoga and Zen philosophy. While attempting to connect with his model on soul level, his way of shibari can be described as ‘meditative-trance’ tying.


Ren Yagami

Born in 1984, he is a shibari master from the ‘young generation’ who was listed as one of the top 10 bakushi masters in 2019 already. He created his own style, which he calls Sekibaku.

He started shibari at the age of 17 and was strongly influenced by Nawashi Kanna, with whom he took an apprenticeship that he parted in 2013 to develop his own style. Yagami-ryu is rooted in his own way of hojojitsu, influenced by his profound practice from a young age in tai-jitsu, aikido and kendo and his conceptual knowledge of anatomy. Many rope tops are inspired by his concept of building from the basics. Presently he is the primary bakushi for the biggest Japanese adult video label ‘Dogma’. He is an international artist performing and teaching his style worldwide.

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