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Perf Night - Sekibaku Immersion

Studio TIEY and Shibari Lounge are incredibly proud to present you a unique collaboration and an amazing set of evening events as part of the Yagami Convention 2023 from 1-5 Nov 2023.

Friday 3 November Shibari Lounge will be the stage for a night of performances by Sr_Interior, Ludvig and Ren Yagami.


Different presenters bring different colors. Witness how each will multiply the same basic Yagami-ryu building blocks and create a different outcome, unique to each of their particular styles.


Get ready to be immersed in Yagami-style shibari!

For all info on the Yagami Convention day program visit Studio TIEY.

About the performers


Owner of Escuela de Shibari in Gijon-Spain and teaching online classes for the Latin-American communities. He is recognized as an official Yagami style instructor since 2018.

He started more than 20 years ago and was influenced by different masters like Osada Steve, Kinoko, Hanikamu, Barkas and others until the turning point in ‘his way’ became Yagami Ren. His background in martial arts, psychology, neuroscience, Chinese medicine, biomechanics, sexology, art history and gardening influences his ‘renaissance’ way of shibari.



Owner of Shibari Center in Sofia-Bulgaria, also known as Sekibaku Shibari Dojo Sofia and recognized as an official Yagami style instructor since 2017.

He started as a self-taught in 2009. From 2014 he studied with well-known European and Japanese shibari teachers. He became an official student of Sensei Yagami Ren in 2016.

Ludvig teaches Yagami Ryu in an undogmatic way. Through his attention to detail, technical proficiency and search for deep connection and communication he gives this style an independent touch. Ludvig is also an international performing artist. He performed at festivals such as Boundcon, Obscene and Eurix.


Ren Yagami

Born in 1984, he is a shibari master from the ‘young generation’ who was listed as one of the top 10 bakushi masters in 2019 already. He created his own style, which he calls Sekibaku.

He started shibari at the age of 17 and was strongly influenced by Nawashi Kanna, with whom he took an apprenticeship that he parted in 2013 to develop his own style. Yagami-ryu is rooted in his own way of hojojitsu, influenced by his profound practice from a young age in tai-jitsu, aikido and kendo and his conceptual knowledge of anatomy. Many rope tops are inspired by his concept of building from the basics. Presently he is the primary bakushi for the biggest Japanese adult video label ‘Dogma’. He is an international artist performing and teaching his style worldwide.

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