Dear Shibari Lovers,
Shibari Lounge is kicking off again!!!

We are happy to announce that the pandemic continues to be in decline and therefore we can all take up the ropes again in your favorite Shibari venue. During the Covid-19 breaks we have worked hard to improve our facilities and infrastructure. We bought new bamboos, have provided more tables and chairs to seat you all and as we speak we are actually busy creating our new “UBU corner” with different tying possibilities, as a tribute to Yoi Yoshida and her illustrious Shibari café.
This newsletter lines up all activities for next summer.

Hope to see you all back soon and in good health!


Shibari Night – Restricted
Bars and restaurants are re-opening, small events are popping up, even if the pandemic still poses some restrictions... We surely don’t want to keep you – and ourselves! – waiting any longer than strictly necessary, so on Saturday June 19 we organize a super corona proof Shibari Night. We are so eager to share our new bamboos and Shibari corner with you! Corona regulations require us to stick to the protocol for cafés and restaurants. Therefore we ask you to book a table or theater bench in your fixed constellation of 2, 3 or 4 members. According to the rules of the moment, you will be served at your table or bench. We will add a platter of snacks for each group. Places are limited and ‘sold out’ really means sold out.


For more information and reservations:



Shibari Night

Your favorite rope Saturdays are back! From July 3 we will start a new season of Shibari Nights. Take up the ropes, be tied or just buy a drink. Meet friends & have a chat while you watch others tie. We welcome artists for live drawing, so feel free to bring your paper and crayons! Shibari Nights are open to singles, couples or any other constellation of rope enthusiasts. We do not apply a specific dress code, so dress to impress or come as you are.
Till the end of August we will welcome you back every two weeks. In July Shibari Night will be on the 3rd, 17th and 31st. In August we welcome you on the 14th and the 28th.
All info and registration on our website:




In July we start with a 2-lesson workshop “Introduction to Shibari”. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to discover if you have a taste for the ropes. Marc BeShibari and Shibarista Jess will teach you the basics of Shibari and guide you on your way into this intricate form of rope play. After these two lessons you will have enough tools and technique to not only play safely but also to forge an intimate connection with your rope partner.

Part 1

will take place on Sunday July 4, from 14:00 till 17:00.
If you can't make it on 4/7, we will repeat part 1 on Sunday 11 from 11:00 till 14:00.
Part 2

will take place on Sunday July 11 from 15:00 till 18:00.
Price for each part is €75 per couple.

For more information and registration visit

During the summer months we will expand our workshop program. Check the workshop calendar on our website regularly! For those interested in one-on-one tuition we also offer private workshops. For more information mail to


Ropes for sale

Shibari Lounge offers top class Japanese bondage rope in different diameters from Ogawa and Amatsunawa (JBO-free).
Ogawa rope comes in natural color golden jute, diameters 5 mm and 6 mm. We also offer Ogawa rope in bright red, which is a 5,5 mm died jute. This rope has some stretch from the dying process, but this will grow less as you use it. It is a soft rope that requires very little treatment when used. Ogawa rope has been treated with JBO, which has a distinct smell that is reminiscent of kerosine, which will subside when you use the ropes.
Since some people develop skin irritation from JBO, in the last few years there has been a growing demand for JBO-free rope. This is where Amatsunawa steps in: this manufacturer offers ropes that have been processed with natural oils of vegetable origin.  Therefore the ropes are softer. We finish the ropes with a fully plant-based, vegan treatment.  JBO-free rope tends to wear out a bit quicker, but for those looking for a more natural type of bondage rope, it is the logical option.
Amatsunawa rope comes in natural color golden jute, diameters 5 or 5,5 mm.
Both types of rope can be sold as raw material or as treated ropes. For more information mail directly to or


See you all back at Shibari Lounge!

Spread love not viruses!
BeShibari & Shibarista Jess
and the Shibari Lounge Team
Shibari Lounge
Onawa Asobi Europe