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Laodai - Workshop "Onaji Michinori"

Onaji Michinori - The Style of the Same Journey

Level: strong beginners, intermediate

Laodai’s workshop consists of an emotional, more conceptual part, and a part with technical exercises.


Part 1: Emotions, Onaji michinoro or “the same journey”


Laodai will discuss and share triggering elements that aid in fostering connections between rope partners. This part will cover:


• 1 heart = 1 style

• Everything is done for a reason, and almost everything is for the model

• Phases of a tie: listening, tying, suspension, untying, aftercare

• Mental and power dynamics during the different phases

• How to keep the connection: the same journey

• Role of sound

• Fluid shibari: different purposes need a different approach, the way to approach a personal session is different than how to tie for a photoshoot or a performance.


Part  2: Technique


Aesthetics being very important to him, Laodai has developed a clean and minimalistic style of rope bondage. He will explain how and why he chooses to adapt some traditional, wellknown ties to fit his particular style.


Aspect 1: Deconstruct and Rebuild (the how and the why)

Aspect 2: Technical Focus

Aspect 3: The use of the Finger Lock


For who:


This workshop is an excellent sequel to the workshop series offered by Shibari Lounge. Laodai does not expect you to just replicate what he is doing, but rather find your own style with the tools he is giving you. Therefore this workshop is not catered to a specific skills level, but we recommend you tie at least at a “strong beginner/intermediate” level. Based on your skills, you can perform suspensions and transitions in the exercises.


Saturday June 22 - Shibari Lounge

Start at 11:00 - end: 17:30-18:00

Durations 5-6 hours, with a lunch break.

Contribution: 220€ drinks and snacks included.


Bring 8-10 ropes of 7-8 meters long.

Wear comfortable clothing.

If you like to take notes during class, please bring pen and paper.


You should know these shibari basics:

Single column tie, double column tie,

frictions, basic takate kote chest harness, a safe upline

Secure your spot:

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