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Weekend Intensive with Kazami Ranki

Discover the Kazami-style of Tying with the Master


Kazami Ranki will take us through the basics of his style of rope bondage. We will get to know the philosophy behind his choices for specific patterns and learn to recreate these patterns with his guidance.

In Kazami-style a good chest harness is fundamental. Nawashi Kazami Ranki will start with teaching us his version of the gote/takate kote. He will explain us where and why it differs from other versions. Another of his building blocks is a stable and comfortable hip harness. With these two basic patterns he will take us to suspensions and transitions.


Saturday 11:00 – 18:00 - Intermediate/Advanced Level

Kazami-ryu chest harness (munenawa) and hip harness (koshinawa)

Intermediate level suspensions with these ties:

yoko zuri – sideways suspension

gyakuebi zuri – inverted prawn suspension

If time permits we can explore  more suspensions


Sunday 11:00 – 18:00 - Intermediate/Advanced Level


Suspensions and transitions:

koshi zuri – hip suspension

sakasa zuri – inverted/up side down suspension

hineri zuri – twisted suspension/torsion

If time permits we can explore more suspensions and transitions

The workshops will be presented in Japanese. English and Dutch translation will be provided.


You master the single & double column tie and are fluent in tying a chest harness (gote/takate kote)

You know how to fix a suspension line (upline) and you have some experience with at least semi-suspension

For the mentioned ties you are well aware of the safety issues and how to manage them


I want to participate but I am unsure I have the required skills:

Please contact us with questions about the required skills level. If your skills require some brushing up to comfortably attend this Weekend Intensive, we can offer you a place in a 4-hour prep workshop on February 12 2023. Contact us for timings and price.

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