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Focusing on Japanese Aesthetics in Kinbaku



When watching Japanese bakushi perform their kinbaku sessions, we cannot overlook how skillfully they incorporate some of the subtle aesthetics and ritual behaviour of traditional Japanese culture, to achieve a profound impact on the flow of their session and on the person they tie. Seemingly small details often add great depth to the communication with their rope partner (and the audience).


To elevate your kinbaku to an experience that goes beyond perfecting your technique, Kasumi Hourai and Oto-san will show and explain some of the intricate yet subtle aspects of their cultural heritage that will contribute to a deeper experience of your kinbaku play, for both rope top and bottom.

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Kasumi Hourai on Monday - Japanese Beauty

In this 3-hour workshop Kasumi-san and Oto-san will cover:


  • Binding that incorporates the Japanese way of body movement.Japanese-style movements are basic movements quiet and slow and sometimes quick and dynamic. They contribute to the communication the shibarite (rope top) builds with the ukete (rope bottom). Kasumi-san will also address the importance of using pause while tying


  • You will learn to tie a TK harness in accordance with your partner’s breathing to get in sync with each other. You will explore the use of tension that feels comfortable to your rope bottom.


  • Kasumi-san will teach two bondage patterns that are easy to play with and not likely to place unwanted strain or load on your model. These patterns are safe to keep your rope bottom tied up for a long time.




Skills: this topic is interesting to a wide audience, whether you are just beginning, or already have considerable technical experience but wish to expand your understanding of Japanese rope bondage. You have a basic experience in shibari. You attended the “Introduction to Shibari” class at Shibari Lounge, or a similar course elsewhere. Check the workshop page for an overview of the topics and skills. If you have doubts about your skills level, please contact us.


Materials: for this workshop you will need 10 ropes.


Dresscode: there is no specific dresscode. We advise yoga/sportswear or light clothing


Practical: doors open at 19:30, workshop from 20:00 – 23:00


Price: €180 per couple, drinks & snacks and translation included

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