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A Weekend with Kasumi Hourai

Shibari Lounge is proud to present Japan's leading female Kinbaku Artist!

Kasumi Hourai will be in Antwerp on September 22-25 2023.

Friday - Female Bakushi Night

Saturday - Workshop Day 1

Saturday Evening - Shibari Night Special: Perf and Rope Party

Sunday - Workshop Day 2

Monday evening - Workshop 'Japanese Beauty'


Kasumi-san is the leading female Japanese Kinbakushi. At 18 she became an SM club domina, before taking instruction from Akechi Denki when she was just 20 years old. She has been a professional in the business for 24 years, taking further training in tying and modelling with Akira Naka. She has taught in Japan, Europe and America.


Kasumi-san’s wabi-sabi style is heavily influenced by a profoundly traditional upbringing.

She brings a refined, haunting aesthetic, combining elements of kyokuero (eroticism) and ku (suffering). The deep impact of Kasumi-san’s teachings also appeals to male tops who can learn much about the subtleties of the feminine touch in rope bondage and erotic pleasure.

Kasumi Hourai
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