Kannōnawa by Sin

Psychology of Erotic Rope Bondage - An Introduction to Kannōnawa by Sin

In this 3–hour Master Class, Sin inspires participants to find their own distinctive approach for the pleasures of both parties: bottom and top, to a level beyond rope techniques and patterns.

How do we achieve intense, euphoric rope play without abuse or harm? How do we understand what is consensual? How do we sense the direction our partner wishes to go? How can we feel safe to enjoy vulnerability?

Rather than replication of others, discover what motivates your desire to tie and be tied. How to work with fantasy and memory narrative to take your partner beyond rigging.

Sin explains and demonstrates how anatomical, neurological, emotional and psychological elements interact when tying using techniques derived from Japanese Anma, Anpuku, Ma and Nagare progression to achieve the Mind Fuck.

This Master Class is for couples, from beginners to advanced. A basic knowledge of Shibari is advised. Comfortable, light clothing recommended. Please bring your own rope.

Following the workshop, participants are encouraged to stay and play using the knowledge gained.

The workshop will be in English and when necessary Shibarista Jess can translate to dutch.




Saturday 21. August 2021 19:30 – 22:30 (+ 2hrs play time) Shibari Lounge, Antwerp.

or Sunday 22. August 2021 14:00-17:00 (+ 2 hrs play time) Shibari Lounge, Antwerp.

Price: 130€ per couple

About Sin:

Long active in the Japanese underground and epicurean event scenes, Sin has been a relatively secretive professional Kinbakushi who has generally avoided the limelight until recently.


By learning, absorbing and evolving with Japanese friends, he has developed a multidimensional approach that combines Shibari tying with anatomical-neurological and emotional-psychological elements, basing his Kinbaku on understanding the primal fantasies and libido of his session partners using the term Kannōnawa.


Many terms were invented by Nureki to embellish VHS sleeves, and in the 1980’s he simply joined the phrases ‘Kannō’ (sensuality; carnality)​ and ‘nawa’ (rope) to describe what has since been evolving via Sin and some empathic Japanese practitioners.


Influenced by ideas and approaches from friendships with Ero Ouji and Aotsuki, combined with instruction from Bingo, Jubei, Haru–to–Kyou and Yukimura, Sin draws inspiration from a wide pool, including Ito, Willie, Tsujimura, Matsui, Akechi, etc. But his greatest influence is from the ladies he enjoys play with, for they return the best information, and are always the prime focus.

Sin is author of two books:

Year of The Bakushi

The Psychology of BDSM & Rope Bondage

For more information on Sin and his work visit his website: www.kannounawa.com

Master Class - An Introduction to Kannōnawa by Sin (Sunday)
Psychology of Erotic Rope Bondage - All levels
22 Aug, 14:00 – 19:00 CEST