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Enjoy an enchanting night of performances by world class female kinbaku artists!

Friday September 22 - 20:00 - 02:00


Shibari Lounge is proud to present a performance night dedicated to women taking up the ropes. As more and more women actively start tying and come out as professional bondage instructors-performers, Shibari Lounge wishes to provide them the stage to show the world what they’re made of! On Friday September 22 some of the amazing ladies in the Shibari scene will show you their unique styles of Japanese rope bondage.

A female performers' night doesn't mean the guys have to stay home - all genders welcome as always!

SAARA KANTANEN is a shibari artist, performer, practioner and teacher from Finland. She lives in the countryside with her family and animals like a wild viking woman.

Shibari is her passion and has become a way of life. She has been a shibari professional for  several years. She organizes workshops in her farm and many places in Europe.

To Saara it’s more important to share the energy and exchange feelings than creating the most complicated patterns. She creates an open and safe space where the model is the empty canvas to be painted, allowing for all feelings and emotions.

Her performances take the audience into a magical, aesthetical, passionate and emotional atmosphere. The audience feel their own inner world while watching a show in which audience and performers become equal.


Saara is participating in several events this year both in Finland and abroad. For the Female Bakushi Night she will join forces with established Belgian Shibari model CANDY DANDELION. Candy is known for her elegance and stamina in the ropes. She has been a model for several big names in the European and Japanese rope community, like BeShibari, Michael RopeKnight, Hajime Kinoko and Yoi Yoshida.

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Female Bakushi Night - Meet the Performers

GOLDIE SUNSHINE is a Pro-Dominatrix and Shibari Artist. She discovered her love for ropes as a model in 2015. In the first two years she performed as a model and with self-suspension. In 2017 she also became a rigger. Her style can be described as a mix of Shibari and more contemporary Western style. In addition, Goldie Sunshine has been performing, teaching and participating in events and bondage festivals around the world, mostly in Europe (Eurix - Berlin, RopeFest - Saint-Petersburg & Moscow, MoscowKnot - Moscow, Shi Fest Ukraine - Kiev, Rope Spirit - Prague, Roma Bondage Week - Rome, BoundCon - Munich, AthenShibari - Athens and in Israel.

"When I was 28 years old, I discovered the BDSM world and I was fascinated by it. Ever since then I've explored different roles and had many interesting experiences."

DANIEL is a rope model from Tel Aviv, Israel. He started his rope journey 6 years ago. Until today he participated as a model in International events like: Rope Spirit IX, RopeFest St.Petersburg 2019, Rome Bondage Week 2019

"Every suspension takes me another step in my path to find more about myself. While the ropes limit my body they free my mind and soul."

KASUMI HOURAI is the leading female Japanese Kinbakushi. At 18 she became an SM club domina, before taking instruction from Akechi Denki when she was just 20 years old. She has been a professional in the business for 24 years, taking further training in tying and modelling with Akira Naka. She has taught in Japan, Europe and America.

Kasumi-san’s wabi-sabi style is heavily influenced by a profoundly traditional upbringing.

She brings a refined, haunting aesthetic, combining elements of kyokuero (eroticism) and ku (suffering). The deep impact of Kasumi-san’s teachings also appeals to male tops who can learn much about the subtleties of the feminine touch in rope bondage and erotic pleasure.

Kasumi san will be joined on stage by her friend and model OTO. Oto san has admired rope bondage and wanted to be tied since she was a child. Six years ago she met Kasumi san and had her first experience in the ropes with her. She immediately realized that being tied was indeed what she had been looking for. Since that pivotal moment she has been Kasumi san's model.

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