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Enjoy an enchanting night of performances by world class female kinbaku artists!

Friday September 22

20:00 - 02:00


Shibari Lounge is proud to present a performance night dedicated to women taking up the ropes. As more and more women actively start tying and come out as professional bondage instructors-performers, Shibari Lounge wishes to provide them the stage to show the world what they’re made of! On Friday September 22 some of the amazing ladies in the Shibari scene will show you their unique styles of Japanese rope bondage.

A female performers' night doesn't mean the guys have to stay home - all genders welcome as always!


Saara Kantanen from Finland has graciously accepted our invitation to perform for this special occasion. Her aesthetical and connective way of tying will captive us and make us drift into her magical world of ropes and passion.

From Tel Aviv, Israel, Goldie Sunshine will bring you the thrilling mix of rope bondage and SM with which she conquered our hearts at the Onawa Asobi Europe 2023 festival. Get ready for another steaming show by a genuine power woman!


Kasumi Hourai and Oto from Nagoya, Japan, will bring you a performance that will catapult us straight to ancient Japan. Watch and be captivated by how elegance and sadism go hand in hand in a show that will be packed with elements from traditional Japanese culture and theatre.

Female Bakushi Night

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