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Floorwork - Workshop & Practice Class 9/12
Floorwork - Workshop & Practice Class 9/12

Floorwork - Workshop & Practice Class 9/12

This is a workshop with a focus on lots of practice. We will give you the opportunity to work, under guidance, with the basic skills from our Introduction class and add some extra tools to your skills set. A great opportunity to practice to explore your creativity with the ropes!

Time & Location

09 Dec 2023, 14:00 – 17:00

Shibari Lounge, Sergeyselsstraat, 2140 Antwerp, Belgium

About The Event

This 3-hours workshop & practice class is all about practice and play! You will work with the basic bondage skills you picked up in “Introduction to Shibari”. As a rope top you will be exploring your creativity with these basics to safely, effectively and aesthetically restrain your partner. Some extra skills will be added to your repertoire. This time we will focus on tying a futomomo.

​As a rope bottom you will discover how different manipulations by your partner and the ropes affect you. You will start to build a new (non-verbal) vocabulary to communicate with your rope top and stay connected during your play.

​After this class you will feel more confident and have new inspiration to have fun at home or at rope events. If you feel your creative fire has been unleashed, you’re welcome to join us at the Shibari Night rope jam the same evening!

Price: €80 per couple

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